SD女佣专业版 SD Maid Pro V4.2.2.0 破解特别版


SD女佣(SD Maid Pro)简介:

SD Maid是一款用来清除SD卡中临时文件的工具,比如系统日志,debug文件,可以让SD卡更干净,需要root权限如果有人留意SD卡中的文件的话,都会发现用一段时间后,SD卡中会出现一些感觉莫名其妙的目录,这些都是一些临时文件,时间长了,占用的空间也会很可观,这款SD卡清除工具SD Maid就是帮大家解决这个问题的,算是个实用性比较高的工具。SD女佣SD Maid Pro由infinity破解制作。直装破解版。

SD女佣SD Maid Pro主要功能:

– “资源管理器”是一个完全成熟的文件管理器,用它来浏览管理你的android文件夹
– “搜索器”可以使用来打来/删除 或者重命名文件(搜索文件内部,支持通配符)
– “查找冗余”可以搜索你设备的空文件夹目录,并且比较那些已安装的应用程序列表
– “应用控制”可以冻结、重置以及删除应用程序(甚至是系统应用程序)
– “清理系统”可以清理设备中已知的不必要的目录
– “优化数据库”检测数据库((System/Apps),并可以整理压缩数据库,以加快访问,以及腾出更多的可用空间

SD女佣SD Maid 更新日志:

2016.05.23 SD Maid v4.2.2
– fix bugs

2016.05.12 SD Maid v4.2.1

* Updated: Translations.
* Improved: Detection of dalvik-cache locations, previously the SDK level was used, now we check for actual existence.
* Improved: Storage detection for devices that return non-absolute pathes from API calls for external storage (likely due to user modifications, e.g. XInternalSD). Pathes are now checked for absoluteness and SD Maid should now either not crash at all or continue gracefully.
* Fixed: Crash when resuming SD Maid after being purged from memory and the last page open was a details page.).
* Fixed: Navigation entries showing extra highlights when being clicked.
* Fixed: Crash if the current path the explorer tried to open is invalid (e.g. not absolute).
* Fixed: Crash within the DalvikCache filter if a device has files both in /cache/dalvik-cache and /data/dalvik-cache.
* Fixed: Filter-modules not loading and filter configuration being empty (#387 Ty igoivo).
* Fixed: Crash when creating a UserFilter and entering a minimum or maximum size > Long.MAX_VALUE.
* Fixed: Crash if caches were found via clutter database entries and there was more than one entry matching the same file/directory (#388).
* Fixed: Non-Root routines being used even if root is not available.


by Balatan、n.gowda、f000h


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