[hTc M9+ ROM] CleanSlate 1.1.2|5.0.2|Sense 7.0|ARMv8 64位

[hTc M9+ ROM] CleanSlate 1.1.2|5.0.2|Sense 7.0|ARMv8 64位

CleanSlate ROM 1.1.2 for HTC M9+


– 安卓版本:Android 5.0.2 Lollipop
– 基于: 1.61.401.6 Europe edition
– Sense版本:HTC Sense 7.0(完整)
– 内核:官方内核
– 语言:WWE/Europe applications
– Left fully Odexed, fast application loading
– 下面有两个附加包:
— 1. base ROM installer
— 2. 附加包内容:

—- Google apps 
—- other apps (Twitter, Facebook and more), 
—- International Sense Home BlinkFeed news editions (carrier free)
—- ChinaSense Sense Home tweaks on/off (brightness slider, Clear all apps on Recent Apps, swipe over home for Notification pull down)
—- SuperSU rooting and 
—- Ad blocking
-使用第三方recovery刷入附加内容 (比如: TWRP)

友情提示: XPosed不支持64位系统,安装到htc m9+后会无限重启! 

Credits & Thanks: 
– HTC for the great ROM base and phone
– Flemmard for helping out as always with some ROM questions
– HTC-G11-Black for the E9+ scripts
– amarullz for his fantastic Aroma installer
– ChainFire for SuperSU and its installer
– mike1986. for his aroma installer example so I could quickly assemble things

– 已经官方解锁-UNLOCKED或者已经S-Off
– 已刷入第三广播 Recovery (e.g. TWRP: http://htcui.com/7512.html


1- 首先确定你的手机已经解锁(unlocked)并且已经刷入第三方的recovery
2- 下载ROM和附加包,并复制到手机存储中
3- 手机重启进入recovery模式中 (方法:完全关闭手机, 长按音量减 + 电源键, 会进入到Bootloader模式, 然后再选择Recovery即可)
4- 在TWRP Recovery中选择安装ROM包
5- 在存储卡中找到CleanSlate-europe-full-odexed-x.y.zip, 选择安装

6- 其他附加包刷入方法和刷rom包一样!不选择清理,直接刷入!

ROM installer (CleanSlate-europe-full-odexed-x.y.zip)
– Base installer without most of the Google applications and some third party apps removed 
(needed to trim them down a bit and move them to the Additions installer to fit into the 2GB max installer size TWRP can handle)

Additions (CleanSlate-additions-x.y.zip)
– Root with SuperSU
– Google applications (optional)
– International Sense Home BlinkFeed news editions (carrier free) (optional)
– Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, File Explorer, Flash, Adobe Reader (optional)
– AdWay ad blocker and set up default ad blocking (optional)
– ChinaSense Sense Home tweaks (brightness slider, Clear all on Recent Apps, swipe down on home for Notification pull down)

As usual, use it at your own risk! This comes without any warranties, by downloading and using it you are taking all responsibilities on yourself.

Sharing policy
Please don’t reuse any parts of this ROM without asking for permission and please respect a 10 days waiting time after each new version I release.

Europe Base 1.61 – CleanSlate 1.1
CleanSlate-europe-full-odexed-1.1.zip 1.83 GB
百度网盘: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i3xR449 
md5: a0e5377982a62e17e2830ccb490a9cad
CleanSlate-additions-1.1.2.zip 334.2 MB

md5: 04c1f19000585fb8a1261693bb7c9dad

原作者: tbalden@XDA