• ROM base:Liberty ROM V4 Thank to dominos_liberty
  • Liberty Rom is ported from Desire x thanks to ckpv5
  • 内核|Kernel: SebastianFM Kernel 3.4.10 thank to SebastianFM (Venom Team)
  • SO库文件|So library : thank to SebastianFM(Venom Team)
  • 资源包|MODS : Lidroid HEQS&APM thank to Slonick 2013 & Torxx
  • myHUB : Fully Sensed HUB&OTA&Flies – by Microsmile (link)
  • 全屏天气|WeatherAnimation By KingHunki
  • 中国天气源|ChinaWeatherSouce By KingHunki
  • Viper4_FX音效|Viper4_FX Audio By ViPER520 & Zhuhang (link)
  • PmR工具箱|PimpMyRom Tool By
  • 音量键唤醒|Volume key WakeUp By KingHunki
  • 短按搜索键锁屏|Short Press Search Key Lockscreen By KingHunki
  • 长按搜索键锁屏|Long Press Search Key APM By KingHunki
  • 下拉农历显示|Chinese Lunar By KingHunki
  • 来去电归属地|CallerLocation By KingHunki
  • 节能程序显示数字电量| Power saver shows 100%
  • 全语言|Multi language (FULL WWE)
  • busybox and init.d support
  • Signature check disabled
  • Rooted with latest SuperSU v1.65 by Chainfire
  • persistent ADB enabled
  • sysro / sysrw binaries


  • RIL-移动信号
  • WIFI-无线网线
  • Sensor-感应器
  • Mobile Data(2G&3G)-移动数据
  • Audio-音频
  • Camera-相机
  • Video – 视频

不工作功能|Not Working

  • Camcorder -录像
  • Bluetooth -蓝牙
  • GPS-GPS定位


Kinghunki  –  KingSense Created
@ dominos_liberty  –  Liberty ROM Created
@ burleanu  –  Gave me a lot of advice and help
@ SebastianFM  –  SebastianFM Kernel Created (Very important)

@ VENOM Team –  4.1.1|sense+ ROM Created
@ HTC for Sense  –  HTC RUU
@ Sun Dream  –  Gave me a lot of advice and help
@ ckpv5  –  Desire x sense5 Created
@ amarullz  –   Aroma Created


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下载地址|Download mirror

百度网盘:[Downlink href=””]>>点我下载<<[/Downlink]

Other mirror: [Downlink href=”’s/”]>>Other mirror<<[/Downlink] 



  1. 魂大,你好。

  2. 魂大,你好

  3. Hey KingHunki, can you please see why sometimes the music app doesn’t play music. You need to reboot the phone for it to play. I think it’s to do with codecs? Because it won’t play music the phone calls (people who call you) are silent

  4. Hey KingHunki, any news about fixing gps. On me gps work and search satelite but gps cant find any satelit. Have you any idea what can be, or where is the problem.( Is it some lib file or…)